SAP Connector for M365

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Connect SAP with CLOUD

Today all large enterprises are migrating their systems to the cloud, yet data integration between systems remains a challenge for companies, consuming a lot of development and IT implementation time. As SAP experts, we have created a product that harnesses the full power of M365 to facilitate the extraction of data from business objects.



  • Security

    Access control based on SAP authorisation objects.

  • Installation

    One-day installation process.

  • Real time

    All SAP data updated in real time in the Excel spreadsheet.

  • Programmable

    Automatic report generation.

  • Collaborative

    Work collaboratively in the spreadsheet by sharing data with your customers, suppliers or other departments.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with all versions of SAP/ SAP HANA and available for Excel Desktop and Web.

  • Customisable

    We can customise the connector with tailor-made functionalities


Additional documentation

For more information please download our informative PDF.

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