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Vocento is a multimedia communication group of general information in Spain, made up of more than 100 companies. It was founded in September 2001 with the merger between Grupo Correo and Prensa Española.

The Vocento group has its historical origins in 1910 with the newspaper El Pueblo Vasco, founded by the Ybarra brothers.

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ABC group

ABC is a Spanish daily newspaper, founded in 1903, which has eleven editions in Spain, among which the Madrid and Seville editions are particularly noteworthy (due to their age and presence).

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SM group

Grupo SM is a Spanish publishing house specialising in the publication of educational materials, children’s literature and religion (under the PPC imprint), with a strong presence in Latin America. The parent company, Ediciones SM, was founded by the Marianist religious in Spain in the 1940s. In 1977, with the idea of giving back to society the business profits of the publishing house, the Santa María Foundation, now Fundación SM, was set up, which from that time onwards has owned Ediciones SM. Since that date, the company’s profits have been allocated to the different cultural and educational programmes of the SM Foundation.

The SM Group is currently present in nine countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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