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Supermercado ElCorteInglés

Supermercado El Corte Inglés, is the food company belonging to the Spanish department store chain El Corte Inglés. The online sales page is made up of the supermarket, gourmet club, aptc and pets sections.
EL CORTE INGLÉS has entrusted ANTARTYCA with the responsibility for the API Service and the maintenance and evolution of some of the BACK systems of the ONLINE SUPERMARKET service of EL CORTE INGLÉS.

We provide service to the online supermarket of EL CORTE INGLÉS, the online supermarket of HIPERCOR and the online supermarket of EL CORTE INGLES in PORTUGAL. Both on the WEB channel and on the MOBILE channel via apps.
This service is the link between the front-end, where customers place their orders, and the back-end, where the end result is the generation of an order of food products that will be prepared for delivery to the customer.
For the management of the web commerce we use a solution mounted on ORACLE ATG and for the catalogue we have an indexing system integrated with ENDECA, as a search engine. We have an interconnection with the different corporate tools of ECI that allow the front offices to make use of the payment gateway, the authentication system, the order management system and the stock controls.
It is a system with an average of 200,000 visits per day and the management and processing of 30,000 orders per month.

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Group of companies that manufactures and distributes mattresses, pillows and other rest elements. Present in Spain, Chile, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

AntartycA has carried out several projects for FLEX:

Call Centre System / POS systems for shops / Franchise integration.

Order creation functionality, material movements, financial entries.

  • Webdynpro.Java and ABAP development.
  • Implementation of BSPs.
  • Integration with SAP ERP.
  • Switchboard integration.

Warehouse management integrated with SAP R/3 and FLEX’s own WMS. Application developed for 3 mobile devices. Combined off-line and on-line functionality.

Development in Microsoft .NET

  • Goods receipt (MM).
  • Production notifications (MM).
  • Change of locations (WM).
  • Delivery note output (SD/MM).
  • Inventory (MM).
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The Mallorcan shoemaker Antonio Fluxà founded the company in 1877. Fluxà travelled to England to learn new industrial manufacturing methods. On his return, he recruited workers from the island and introduced modern machinery. Lorenzo Fluxà later took over the company.

In 1975, Lorenzo Fluxà, the founder’s grandson, joined the company, creating the Camper brand. In 1981, the first Camper shop was opened in Barcelona. The company went international in 1992, expanding mainly in Europe, with shops in London, Paris and Milan and later to Japan, Taiwan and the United States. In 2000, the fourth generation of the family joined the company, with Miquel Fluxà becoming CEO in 2011. The company employs more than a thousand people.

Camper has begun to expand its brand into the hospitality sector with a hotel and restaurant in Barcelona and one in Berlin. Next to each hotel is a DosPalillos bar, a Spanish-style Asian tapas restaurant. Opened in December 2008 under the management of Albert Raurich, the former head chef of El Bulli between 2001 and 2007. Ferran Adrià and Fernando Amat of Vinçon shops also participated in this project.

AntartycA has carried out the following projects for Camper:

  • Shoe shop open to the public.
  • Integrated with SAP ERP, La Caixa and UPS.
  • Creation of orders, view order status, creation of returns.
  • Search by product characteristics (gender, colour, laces, heel, ..).
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Logo Bricor

BriCor - El Corte Inglés

BriCor is a Spanish chain of department stores dedicated to DIY and decoration, belonging to the El Corte Inglés group.

Antartyca has carried out the following works for Bricor:

  • Maintenance of the BRICOR website integrated with SAP ECC 6.0.
  • 24X7 service and user support.
  • SD module, ABAP developments, J2EE developments, AJAX, AXIS, etc…
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Cadena Q

In 1965, the brothers Jesús and Víctor Muñoz opened their first shop in Villaverde (Madrid) under the name of Quemor.

From this first one, others followed and it was in 1983 when they encouraged a friend to open a franchise, a term that was still little known in Spain.

Already under the name of Cadena Q and with no more effort than word of mouth, the number of own shops and franchises
own stores and franchises continues to grow to 99 shops.

Cadena Q was the precursor of the textile commissary in Spain, better known as Hiper-textil, low-cost multi-brand shops.

AntartycA has carried out the following works for Cadena Q:

POS for the shops integrated with SAP ERP.

  • WebDynpros, BSPs and AJAX.
  • Registration of all sales. Material input. Stock consultation.
  • Product returns. Attention of offers.
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Hipercor is a network of Spanish hypermarkets belonging to El Corte Inglés. It was inaugurated on 5 September 1980 in Seville, as a new format of the El Corte Inglés group, to meet the needs of a society whose shopping habits and behaviour are becoming more and more widespread. The first Hipercor was created following the guidelines of traditional hypermarkets, in terms of location, establishment and internal distribution, but with a wider range of products and quality, a typical feature of El Corte Inglés.

AntartycA has carried out the following works for Hipercor:

  • “Digital Transformation” project.
  • eCommerce with OmniCanalidad integrated with ERP
  • Payment gateway for all cards on the market, including the ECI card.
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